During the 1880’s, the place was thickly forested and inhabited by wild animals.  Foreigners and nature lovers frequented the place up to the 1890’s with Dumagats as guides.  Later, because of its scenic Sierra Madre and fertile lands, wealthy people came for ventures.  They tried to convert the thickly cogonal lowland areas into fruit tree plantations such as coconuts, avocados, caimitos, papayas, citrus and many others.  Vast areas with abundant supply of water were cleared and converted into rice paddies.

            It was during the Spanish era when a wealthy man named Sabani Came who was known to be the owner of the place. Its strangers and businessmen sought his permission to till the land.  The reason why the place was named Sabani.  He left when the Americans came.

            On May 10, 1920, the National Government took over the administration, thus, Sabani Estate Development Company was born.  It improved and developed the place primarily for rice production.  Later, a certain company came to lease.  The group was composed of J. Tomacruz, A. Vasquez, J. Alejandrino, F. Basuega and G. Velarde.  The lease lasted until 1935.  The huge estate was returned to Sabani Estate Development Company.  The government converted it to a homestead.  Many families came as homesteaders.  It was during this period when different barrios (from sitios) were created.  Bitulok, now North Poblacion was the number one barrio under the Municipality of Laur, Nueva Ecija.

            Sabani Estate became progressive and many settlers came to stay permanently.  On June 12, 1950, by virtue of R. A. 496, Sabani Estate was separated from its mother town, Laur, adopted the name of the leading barrio, Bitulok, and became an independent municipality.  In the year 1952, by virtue of R. A. 956, the name Bitulok was changed to Sabani (minus Estate).  Sometime later, Sabani was changed to Gabaldon by virtue of R. A. 1318 in honor of the late Don Isauro Gabaldon, who was once a governor of Nueva Ecija and one time resident commissioner to Washington, D.C.