Purchase and Delivery of Boditech Ichroma COVID-19 (Antigen) use for Suspected Probable COVID PatientDownloadDownload
Purchase of Grocery Items for Relief Operation Intended for COVID-19 Suspect, Confirmed Patients and Close Contact of this MunicipalityDownloadDownload
Purchase of Sliding Windows and Grills with Labor
use for Repair and Maintenance of Accounting Office
Purchase of LED Truck as Educational Equipment for ChildrenDownloadDownload
Purchase of Commercial Rice, Sardines, Noodles, Sugar, Coffee, Candles, Matches,
Alcohol & Face Mask
Delivery of Goods, Commodities use for Relief Goods during COVID 19 PandemicDownloadDownload
Supplies and Materials for Water SystemDownloadDownload
Construction of Drainage Canal 2021DownloadDownload
Construction of Multi-Purpose Building (Bagong Sikat)DownloadDownload
Embankment of Water Flood Control (Gabion Dike) 2021DownloadDownload